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sullair air tools ( for sale only )

Sullair logo Contractors' Air Tools  Sullair's complete line of air tools include paving breakers, chipping hammers, rock drills, utility drills, demolition tools, tampers, trench and clay diggers, air hoses and accessories. Employing the concept of &power through simplicity,& Sullair engineers have designed these tools with fewer high-wear parts and reduced air consumption requirements.

Sullair tools also offer the advantages of outstanding operator comfort, low maintenance and quiet operation. Instantly recognizable by their quality chrome finish, Sullair tools are durable, easy to clean and easy to spot on busy job sites. Built for hard use and long, trouble-free life, Sullair tools are warranted for up to two years against defects and wear.

sullair paving breakers

Paving breakers.
ModelWeight (lb)Length (in)Bore & Stroke (in)Impact Rate (blows/min)Air Consumption (cfm)Air Inlet Diameter (in)Shipping Weight (lb)
MPB-30A35-1/2231-25/32 x 3-25/321850373/8 NPT41
MCD-3033-3/4242-25/32 x 3-25/321850373/8 NPT33-3/4
MPB-60A69-1/226-1/22-5/32 x 5-5/321360483/4 NPT74
MPB-60AF7728-1/82-5/32 x 5-5/321360483/4 NPT82
MPB-60AS71-1/226-3/42-5/32 x 5-5/321360483/4 NPT79
MPB-60AFS78-1/228-1/42-5/32 x 5-5/321360483/4 NPT86
MPB-35C3925-1/21-3/4 x 5-5/161200493/8 NPT43
MPB-90AF99-1/228-7/82-7/16 x 5-9/321380623/4 NPT105
MPB-90AS9427-1/82-7/16 x 5-9/321380623/4 NPT101
MPB-90A9227-1/22-7/16 x 5-9/321380623/4 NPT97
MPB-90AFS10128-7/82-7/16 x 5-9/321380623/4 NPT108

sullair rock drills

rock drills.
ModelWeight (lb)Length (in)Bore & Stroke (in)Impact Rate (blows/min)Air Consumption (cfm)Air Inlet Diameter (in)Shipping Weight (lb)
MRD-9915-1/81-11/32 x 1-3/82800213/8 NPT10
MRD-3034212-9/32 x 1-3/42300533/4 NPT38
MRD-4045-1/223-1/82-11/16 x 2-3/81800803/4 NPT52
MRD-6060222-5/8 X 2-3/51800913/465
MRD-555623-3/42-5/8 x 2-11/161650953/4 NPT60
MRD-5048-1/223-1/43 x 2-5/81800993/4 NPT55

sullair chipping hammers

chipping hammers.
ModelWeight (lb)Length (in)Bore & Stroke (in)Impact Rate (blows/min)Air Consumption (cfm)Air Inlet Diameter (in)Shipping Weight (lb)
MLC-101214-1/21-7/64 x 1-13/162940173/8 NPT or 7/8-2414
MCH-418-5/816-1/21-1/8 x 4-1/41800303/8 NPT or 7/8-2420
MCH-4S20-3/4181-1/8 x 4-1/41800303/8 NPT or 7/8-2422-1/8
MCH-317-3/415-1/41-1/8 x 3-3/42280333/8 NPT or 7/8-2419
MCH-3S19-3/4171-1/8 x 3-3/42280333/8 NPT or 7/8-2420-7/8
MCH-216-5/8141-1/8 x 33600343/8 NPT or 7/8-2418

sullair rivet busters

rivet busters.
ModelWeight (lb)Length (in)Bore & Stroke (in)Impact Rate (blows/min)Air Consumption (cfm)Air Inlet Diameter (in)Shipping Weight (lb)
MRB-83022-1/21-3/16 x 81140441/2 NPT 
MRB-113325-1/21-3/16 x 11850501/2 NPT 

sullair backfill tampers

backfill tampers.
ModelWeight (lb)Length (in)Bore & Stroke (in)Impact Rate (blows/min)Air Consumption (cfm)Air Inlet Diameter (in)Shipping Weight (lb)
MBT-640-1/248-3/41-1/2 x 5-1/2500323/8 NPT 

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