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LINK-BELT CRANES. Link-Belt is committed to the design, manufacture and service of quality products that satisfy the needs of its customers worldwide. Link-Belt operates on the principles of continuous quality improvement, ISO 9001, and established values that support the vision of quality. These principles result in reduction in waste, better use of company resources and improved employee and customer satisfaction.

ALL TERRAIN CRANES. Link-Belt has expanded its all terrain crane offerings with the new 250-ton (220 mt) ATC-3250. Piling on serious lift to an already potent product line, this new crane combines all the job-proven attributes of the ATC-3200 with even more muscle.

ModelCapacity (Tons)

link-belt dragline crane DRAGLINE & HEAVY DUTY CRANES. With customer comments like…"over 8,000 hours and no downtime," and "10,000 hours and only $2,000 expense," the HYLAB series of cranes has taken on-the-job reliability to a whole new performance level.

ModelCapacity (Tons)
LS-108 H550

link-belt hydraulic truck crane HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANES. The HTC line continues to expand through foresight and innovation. With industry first innovations such as the Confined Area Lifting Capacities (CALC) system, Electronic Telescope Control (ETC) system, individually removable slab-type counterweight sections and laminated fibrous composite technology cabs, the HTC line has unparalleled flexibility in matching up to job site conditions. Link-Belt manufactures a full line of hydraulic truck cranes from 40 to 90 tons and all terrain cranes from 130 to 250 tons.

link-belt lattice crawler crane LATTICE CRAWLER CRANES. The all new Link-Belt Lattice Crawler lift cranes feature many improvements, yet retain the basic design that made these the standard of the industry with a reputation for dependability and versatility. From 50 to 300 tons, all lattice Boom Crawlers have a sealed-for-life track system and an all welded, precision machined lower frame that provides optimum stability for lift crane applications.

ModelCapacity (Tons)
LS-108 H550
LS-248 H5200
LS-348 H5300
LS-238 HSL150

LATTICE TRUCK CRANES. link-belt lattice truck crane

ModelCapacity (Tons)
HC-238H II150
HC-278H II300

link-belt rough terrain crane ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES. Link-Belt has made significant improvements in their line of rough terrain cranes with the introduction of the RTC-8030II series. These machines feature Link-Belt's revolutionary CALC outrigger system, giving the operator three options for outrigger positions: full extension, when the job site allows, intermediate and retracted as dictated by available space. A Metri-Pack wiring system has also become standard on the RTC machines. Each wire and connector in the system is sealed with silicon rubber to help prevent corrosion and consequently costly machine downtime. In addition, all wires have an automotive-type flame retardant, cross-linked polyethylene insulation, resulting in a higher heat resistant wiring system. Link-Belt manufactures a full line of RTC's in the 30-100 ton range.

link-belt telescopic crawler crane TELESCOPIC CRAWLER CRANES. Link-Belt has partnered with its sister company, Hitachi Sumitomo Construction Crane Co. to unveil the TCC-450 45-ton (40.8 mt), Telescopic Crawler Crane (pictured right) that merges the capability of a rough terrain crane with the mobility and stability of a crawler crane. This North American compliant model is a derivative of HSC’s model introduced earlier in 2005. It has already proved itself on jobsites worldwide with the same bulletproof hydraulic components as Link-Belt’s renowned HYLAB series.

TCC-50050 ton
TCC-75075 ton
TCC-1100110 ton
TCC-1400140 ton

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