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Caterpillar Governmental and Defense Products

Whether it's standard products, modification of existing products, or entirely new products, Caterpillar is committed to all branches of the military, U.S. federal government agencies, and state and local government customers. The products we build are known the world over for quality and reliability. Caterpillar is committed to all government agencies from the smallest city to the US military.

As part of a governmental agency working in rural America or as part of a military unit deployed overseas, you have a unique set of requirements to work with when purchasing machines that many other businesses may not deal with like: Governmental and Defense Products

  • Acting as a good steward of the tax dollars you use to purchase equipment
  • Making sure your equipment has minimal downtime regardless if you are plowing emergency routes or are on missions around the world such as in Afghanistan
  • Making sure you provide all your standard services even while revenues are falling

Caterpillar and our worldwide dealer network can assist you with all of these challenges. We have dedicated resources in place who make it their business to understand what you do and how you do it. These experts can help you with the following details:

  • Utilizing Life Cycle Costing to make sure you get the equipment with the lowest total cost
  • Our dealer network is always on call to keep your equipment is in perfect working order with parts and service support
  • Creating custom military products to keep our soldiers safe
  • Modify existing equipment to meet your needs

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