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Sullair Portable Air Compressors.  Sullair's full line of portable rotary screw compressors, 110 to 1900 cfm, in standard, high pressure and utility models, is designed for total accessibility and reliability. Outstanding features include large padlockable service doors, 0 to 100% capacity control, two-stage dry type air filters with safety element, curbside instrument panel, diagnostic shutdown indicator system, protective shutdown switches and AWF all-weather fluid.

sullair air compressor All Sullair portable compressors are highway towable. Mounting options include single-axle, tandem axle, four-wheel steerable and without running gear. Sullair portables are powered by Caterpillar, Cummins, and John Deere diesel engines.

Options for customizing the compressors include: bolt-on light package, bumper, special paint, hose reels, spark arrester, cold weather starting aid, fuel level gauge, brakes, mechanical parking brakes, ball hitch, retractable pneumatic swivel third wheel and air filter maintenance indicator.

ModelEngineCFMRated Pressure PSIGWorking Weight (lbs)Available BHP
125CAT C2.2125100213061
130CAT C2.2130100213061
185CAT C2.2185100213061
225HCAT C3.4225150272083
260CAT C3.4260100284083
300HHCAT C4.43002004440140
375CAT C4.43751004440140
375HCAT 3054VDITAAC3751504150125
425CAT C4.44251004440140
600HCAT C-9 ATAAC60015010045275
750CAT C-9 ATAAC75012510045275
750HCAT C-9 ATAAC75015010045275
750HHCAT C-9 ATAAC75017510045300
825CAT C-9 ATAAC82512510045275
900CAT C-9 ATAAC90010010045300
900HCAT C-9 ATAAC90015010045300
900XHCAT C-15 ATAAC90050016040475
900XHHCAT C-15 ATAAC90050016040540
1050CAT C-9 ATAAC105010010045300
1150XHCAT C-15 ATAAC115050016040475
1300HCAT C-15 ATAAC130015015950475
1450HHCAT C-15 ATAAC145020016350540
1600CAT C-15 ATAAC160010016260475
1600HCAT C-15 ATAAC160015016350540
375HHJD 4045HF2853752004440140
750XHHCAT C-15 ATAAC75050016040475
1300HHCAT C-15 AtAAC130020016350540
49HPCAT C2.249100213049

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