Caterpillar logo hydraulic excavator attachments for models 301.6C, 301.8C, 302.5C, 303C CR, 303.5C CR, 304C CR, 305C CR, 307D, 308D CR, 308D SB

DescriptionModelTorque @ 145 bar lbf ft (Nm)Drive Method
A7B301.6C-302.5C688[934]Direct Drive
A14B302.5C-303.5C CR1300[1764]Direct Drive
A19B303C CR-304C CR2935[3983]Single Planetary
A26B304C CR-308D SB5034[6826]Double Planetary
DescriptionModelWidth Range(IN/MM)Capacity Range(YD3/M3)
Digging Buckets301.6C-302.5C9-24[230-600]0.02-0.09[0.015-0.069]
Citch Cleaning BucketsAll32-63[800-1600]0.04-0.189[0.031-0.145]
General Purpose Buckets307D,308D CR13-36[330-914]0.13-0.48[0.1-0.37]
Heavy Duty Buckets303C CR-308D SB12-36[300-914]0.05-0.21[0.04-0.16]
Heavy Duty Capacity Buckets304C CR-308D SB12-36[300-914]0.09-0.30[0.07-0.23]
Heavy Duty Rock Buckets307D-308D SB24-30[610-762]0.3-0.4[0.22-0.3]
Tilting Ditch Cleaning Buckets303C CR-308D SB47-63[1200-1600]0.16-0.26[0.12-0.2]
Dedicated307D-308D SB350[159]
Pin GrabberAll29-268[13-122]
Pin Lock307D-308D SB166-260[75-118]
DescriptionModelMax Weight LB(KG)Blow Rate (Blows/Min)Tool DiameterIN(MM)
H35D S301.6C-301.8C227[103]800-29001.6[40]
H45D S301.6C-302.5C320[145]900-25001.9[48]
H455D S302.5C-303.5C CR438[199]1022-23002.2[56]
H65D S303C CR-305C CR597[271]700-20002.6[65]
H70/H70 S307D-308D CR924[419]600-18002.76[70]
H90/H90C S307D-308D CR1323[600]500-13003.31[80]
scrap shears.
DescriptionModelForce at Throat Sh Ton(kN)Jaw Opening IN(MM)
S305305c CR-308D CR204[1812]9.2[240]
DescriptionModelWidth Range IN(MM)Rotation Angle Degrees
Hydraulic ThumbsAll8.0-20[210-500]125
Hydraulic-progressive link thumb without coupler307D,308D CR,308D SB10-12[254-304] 
Hydraulic-progressive link thumb with coupler307D,308D CR,308D SB10-12[254-304] 
Hydraulic-no link thumb without coupler307D,308D CRC308D SB10-12[254-304] 
Hydraulic-no link thumb with coupler307D,308D CR,308D SB10-12[254-304] 
Stiff link thumb307D,308D CR,308D SB10-12[254-304] 
vibratory plate compactors.
DescriptionModelImpulse Force LB(kN)Cycles/Min
CVP16301.6C-305C CR3650[16]2200
CVP40307D-308D CR8928[40]2200

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