Caterpillar logo hydraulic excavator attachments for models 320D, 321D LCR, 324D, 325D, 330D, 345C, 365C, 385C, M325D, W345C MH

DescriptionModelWeight (KG)(LB)
Pin Grabber Couplers365C-385C2790-2800[1266-1270]
Wedge Lock365C-385C2790[1266]
DescriptionModelCapacity YD3(M3)Jaw Opening IN(MM)
DescriptionModelWeight(LB/KG)Blow Rate blows/minTool Diameter IN(MM)
H115 S320D2200[1000]370-8004.2[106]
H120C S320D-325D2870[1300]350-6204.5[115]
H130 S320D-330D3740[1700]320-6005.1[130]
H140D S324D-330D5180[2350]350-6005.5[140]
H160D S330D-345C6930[3150]300-4806.3[160]
H180D S345C-365C8600[3900]400-5057.0[174]
mechanical pulverizers.
DescriptionModelCut Force @ Throat Sh Ton(kN)Jaw Opening IN(MM)
P115320D, 324D96[850]31.5[800]
P120324D, 325D, 330D124[1100]32.5[825]
P130325D, 330D, 345C146[1300]38.4[975]
P140330D, 345C, 365C L169[1500]55.1[1400]
mechanical shears.
DescriptionModelForce @ Throat Sh Ton(kN)Jaw Opening IN(MM)
S115320D L, 324D, 325D365[325]16.5[420]
S128325D, 330D, 345C505[450]19.7[500]
mobile shears.
DescriptionModelForce @ Throat Sh Ton(kN)Jaw Opening IN(MM)
S320320D L, 321D LCR, 324D L, 325D, 330D375[3340]15.4[390]
S325325D, 330D609[5415]19.3[490]
S340345C L772[6872]21.5[547]
S365B254C L1171[10 415]33.3[845]
S385B385C L1420[12 631]34.6[880]
multi-processors : concrete cutter jaws.
DescriptionModelForce @ Tooth tip Sh Ton(T)Jaw Opening IN(MM)
MP20 CC320D L,324D L,325D L,330D L107[97]32[818]
MP30 CC345C140[125]38.4[975]
MP40 CC365C L,385C L168[150]50.4[1280]
multi-processors : crusher jaws.
DescriptionModelForceatToothtipShTonTJaw Opening IN(MM)
MP15 CR320D L, 324D L79[72]28.0[711]
MP20 CR320D L, 324D L, 330D L107[97]34.0[851]
MP30 CR345C140[125]41.3[1050]
MP40 CR365C L, 385C L168[150]52.0[1320]
multi-processors : primary pulverizer jaws.
DescriptionModelForceatToothtipShTonTJaw Opening IN(MM)
MP155 PP320D L, 324D L,73[65]28.0[711]
MP20 PP324D L, 325D L, 330D L107[97]32[818]
MP30 PP345C L140[125]37.8[960]
multi-processors : secondary pulverizer jaws.
DescriptionModelForce @ Tooth tip Sh Ton(T)Jaw Opening IN(MM)
MP26 PS320D L, 324D L84[76]65.0[1651]
MP20 PS324D L, 325D L, 330D L112[102] 
MP30 PS345C L135[120] 
MP40 PS365C L, 385C L168[150] 
multi-processors : shear jaws.
DescriptionModelForceatToothtipShTonTJaw Opening IN(MM)
MP15 S320D L, 324D L465[420]13.8[350]
639[580]320D L, 324D L, 325D L, 330D L 16.5[420]
MP30 S345C L783[710]18.5[470]
MP40 S365C L, 385C L987[895]24.8[630]
multi-processors : tank shear jaws.
DescriptionModelForce @ Tooth tip Sh Ton(T)Jaw Opening IN(MM)
MP20 TS324D L, 325D L, 330D L494[448]17.0[439]
MP30 TS345C L700[635]20.1[510]
DescriptionModelWidth Range IN(MM)Weight Range LB(KG)
Coupler Rakes320D-345C77-100[1956-2540]1356-2065[315-935]
Pin On Rakes320D-345C77/88[1829/2235]1356-2063[315-935]
DescriptionModelShank Length IN(MM)Weight Range LB(KG)
Excavator Rippers330D-385C44[1120]1750-4900[794-2223]
DescriptionModelWidth Range IN(MM)Rotation Angle Degrees
Stiff-Link Thumbs320D-330D30-66[762-1676]Fixed
No-Link Thumbs320D-345C29.13-40.55[740-1030]up to 151
Full Rotation Thumbs320D-345C29.13-40.55[740-1030]up to 222
vibratory plate compactors.
DescriptionModelImpulse Force LB(kN)Base Plate Width IN(MM)

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