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Sullivan Palatek

worker using tools   

Sullivan Palatek is now offering a complete contractor line of pneumatic tools from Paving Breakers, Rock Drills, Busters, Diggers, Chippers and Tampers. These tools are based on tired and true working designs. Manufactured and Assembled in the USA!

Backfill Tamper


The tamper cylinders are precision ground from alloy steel and have an internal oiler. They come with a 6” hollow cast iron butt and can be used with a variety of different optional tamping butts.

Model Net Bore Stroke Blows per Waranty
  Weight (lbs) (in) (in) Minute   
SBT-6 40.0 1.5 5.5 800 1 year

Chipping Hammers

The full line of 15 pound class Chippers can come with open handles and thumb triggers or heavy duty 4 bolt handles with internal triggers. The open handle forged and is machined from high alloy steel with a shock, tool steel piston. The 4 bolt chipper is machined from high alloy steel and cast “D” handle with an easy to use internal trigger. Both are available with optional universal ball retainers. The light chipper is 11 pounds for easy overhead and light demolition work, has a stepped piston, cast handle with top mount trigger.

Model Net Bore Stroke Blows per Waranty
  Weight (lbs) (in) (in) Minute   
SCHO-2 13.0 1.125 2 2,300 1 year
SCHO-3 14.0 1.125 3 2,200 1 year
SCHO-4 15.0 1.125 4 1,800 1 year
SCH-2 13.0 1.125 2 2,300 1 year
SCH-3 14.0 1.125 3 2,200 1 year
SCH-4 15.0 1.125 4 1,800 1 year
SCH-11 11.0 1.125 2.375 2,550 1 year

Clay Diggers


Available in two sizes: the 30 pound has the same rugged construction as the 30 pound breaker with the “D” handle with internal trigger. The 20 pound has a machined cylinder head with a cast “D” handle and thumb trigger.

Model Net Bore Stroke Blows per Waranty
  Weight (lbs) (in) (in) Minute   
SCD-30 30.0 1.75 3.375 1,550 1 year
SCD-20 19.0 1.418 2.75 1,560 1 year

Paving Breakers

The line of paving breakers include 30, 40, 60 and 90 pound “T” handle tools, all with industry standard chuck sizes. They are all built from a proven market design, 4 bolt back threads, heavy duty side rod bolts and springs, forged alloy construction with removable chucks. Internal oilers on the 30, 60 and 90 pound breakers.

Model Net Bore Stroke Blows per Waranty
  Weight (lbs) (in) (in) Minute   
SPB-90 92.5 2.625 6.0625 1,250 1 year
SPB-60 67.0 2.25 4.0937 1,400 1 year
SPB-40 42.0 1.73 5.75 900 1 year
SPB-30 34.0 1.75 3.375 1,550 1 year

Rock Drills

The Sullivan-Palatek line of drills are available in many weight sizes from 20-60 pounds and a large variety of chuck sizes. The SRD-75 is a heavy quarry drill suitable for drilling in granite and available in two chuck sizes. The SRD-55 is a quarry drill that can be used on high psi concrete it is a proven Toyo design and is available in 2 chuck sizes.

Model Net Bore Stroke Blows per Waranty
  Weight (lbs) (in) (in) Minute   
SRD-75 61.0 2.625 3.22             2,250 1 year
SRD-55 56.0 2.625 2.6875             1,650 1 year
SRD-50 51.0 3.0 2.0             2,300 1 year
SRD-30 29.0 2.4375 1.4375 2,700 1 year
SRD-20 16.5 1.9375 1.89             2,300 1 year

Spike Drivers

Railroad spike drivers are the same design as the standard paving breakers and have a special forged alloy striking dolly with an additional grease fitting for lower end lubrication. The SSD-60 is used or seasoned ties and the SSD-90 is for new or green ties.

Model Net Bore Stroke Blows per Waranty
  Weight (lbs) (in) (in) Minute   
SSD-90 89.5 2.625 6.0625 1,250 1 year
SSD-60 64.0 2.25 4.0937 1,400 1 year

Kelly Tractor Co. is a distributor of Sullivan-Palatek pneumatic air tools for South Florida. We also carry Sullivan-Palatek parts and offer service and repairs. We have branch stores in Miami, Davie, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers and Clewiston. For more information on Sullivan-Palatek Pneumatic Air Tools, please contact us at 305-592-0556.


Sirviendo al Sur de la Florida con sucursales en:

Miami 8255 NW 58 St, Miami FL 33166 305-592-5360
Miami CAT Rental Store 7905 NW 58 St, Miami FL 33166 305-592-7184
Davie 2801 Reese Rd, Davie FL 33314 954-581-8181
West Palm Beach 5460 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach FL 33417 561-683-1231
Clewiston 801 E Sugarland Hwy, Clewiston FL 33440 863-983-8177
Fort Myers 9651 Kelly Tractor Dr, Fort Myers FL 33905 239-693-9233
Mulberry (IMT Drills and Cranes Only) PO Box 1318, Mulberry FL 33860 863-354-9036
Orlando (CAT/Used forklifts & Link-Belt Cranes) 144 W. Landstreet Rd. , Orlando FL 32824 407-568-8055

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