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Kelly Tractor: Servicio Inigualable
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Baterías y Cargadores
Industrial batteries are a necessity for electric lift trucks. When you need industrial batteries, Kelly Tractor Co. has the right battery for you. Kelly Tractor Co. offers flooded and sealed Douglas Industrial batteries. Douglas Batery has been manufacturing batteries since 1921. Douglas takes pride in the quality of product they produce. Douglas is the only manufacturer that provides bolt-on cables, flip top caps, and fully electrostatic powder coated battery trays as standard features.

Flooded Batteries
Also known as wet batteries, flooded batteries have years of proven success. They are the most common batteries in the field today. Wet batteries provide the following benefits:
  • Dependable against harsh conditions
  • Lowest manufacturing cost
  • Easy repair procedures
  • Truck compartment size is not an issue

However, flooded batteries require watering at time of charge, making maintenance more costly than that of a sealed battery. Also, during charging, gas fumes are emitted, requiring a charging room with good ventilation.

Sealed Batteries
Douglas offers the ultimate in maintenance free power. This sealed, valve regulated system is designed and manufactured to provide long life and superior performance, while reducing maintenance costs and operating hazards. Legacy Platinum's sealed construction and gas-recombinant technology eliminates the watering, corrosion clean up, gassing, lead exposure, and leakage associated with traditional flooded batteries.


Douglas offers three different chargers to deliver the right charge for your battery to consistently perform at its peak. The Douglas chargers will provide the charging system necessary to complete an unbeatable power system. The following graph indicates the appropriate combinations:

Legacy GoldFlooded batteries
Legacy Platinum CFRFlooded or AGM batteries
Legacy Platinum SCRAll types of batteries

There are three factors that are included and affect the power system; the lift truck, the battery, and the charger. It is essential for the correct combination of the three main components to produce optimal output. A poor combination may lead to reduced productivity, downtime, and will increase maintenance costs. Let a Kelly Tractor Co. representative help you choose the right combination that suits your needs. Call today.



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