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Compact Utility Loader
Work Smarter Not Harder! Toro® Dingo® compact utility loaders are the answer, turning workers into productivity machines. These compact hydraulic power plants accomplish tasks otherwise done by hand or by less productive machines in a fraction of the time. All Toro Dingo compact utility loaders offer incredible hydraulic power in a compact, maneuverable package. Coupled with a broad array of powerful Toro Dingo attachments, you'll be amazed at what these machines can do!


Dingo 200 Series
The original Dingo line that continues to provide tremendous hydraulic power and durability time after time. This line of units offers the versatility necessary to complete any of your landscaping jobs in a fraction of manual labor time by combining Dingo's hydraulic power and any of our 35+ attachments.
Dingo TX 400 Series
The Dingo TX delivers incredible power and control in a simple package. It's easy to operate, the track drive is unstoppable, and it offers the operator great mobility combined with 360° visibility. You'll accomplish the toughest tasks in record time.


ModelEngine HPHyd Sys Pressure (PSI)Tip Capacity (LBS)Rated Operating Capacity (LBS)


ModelTrackWidthFTHyd Sys Pressure (PSI)Tip Capacity (LBS)Rated Operating Capacity (LBS)
TX 427 Narrow Track5.930001530500
TX 427 Wide Track9.530001530535
TX 525 Narrow Track5.930001580553
TX 525 Wide Track5.930001580553
Toro sets the industry standard for compact utility loader attachments. Tough, powerful attachments built to tackle the most challenging conditions. Every attachment is equipped with Toro's unique quick attach system that allows you to change attachments in under a minute. Handle any job with one of Toro's 35+ attachments.
Auger Drives and Augers
These powerful, versatile tools quickly dig up to 30" diameter holes, even in the toughest areas. To maximize your digging capabilities, choose from our Universal Swivel Auger Head and our High Torque Auger Power Head or the new TX 413 Auger Power Head.
Rugged and versatile, used to prepare the job site by digging, loading, trenching, back filling or doing demolition. Digs up to 6' 6" deep. Choose between 9", 12", and 16" bucket widths.
Choose the right bucket for any job. Toro offers a Standard Bucket, Narrow Bucket, Light Materials Bucket and the TX 413 Bucket.
Choose from the Hydraulically adjustable Tree Forks or the standard Adjustable Forks.
Toro trenchers are built for durability and performance. Trench up to 36" below grade and choose from chain widths 4" to 12".
Tiller / Soil Cultivator
The Tiller allows you to break up the toughest soil. The Soil Cultivator not only tills, but buries rocks, stones and other debris up to 8" below grade. The Soil Cultivator leaves the ground perfect for seeding.