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Wheel Loader
Wheel Loaders
Caterpillar builds a complete line of wheel loaders, including the world's largest, the Cat 994F. The Cat 914G was the first in Caterpillar's new line of G-Series wheel loaders. The Small Wheel Loader line also includes the 924G, 924Gz and 928Gz. These new models are more versatile, more comfortable, perform better and more efficiently and are easier to service. Cat's medium-sized wheel loader line now includes the 938G Series II, 950H, 962H, 966H, 972H and 980H. These models are designed to perform equally well in bank and face excavation and in second gear truck loading.

The latest addition to the wheel loader line is the range of Caterpillar Compact Wheel Loaders. The 906 and 908 Compact Wheel Loaders are now available. This line of Compact Wheel Loaders draws on Caterpillar's extensive wheel loader experience to set new standards of excellence.

Caterpillar also builds five Integrated Toolcarriers. Cat Integrated Toolcarriers can operate a wide variety of tools with integral quick couplers for fast tool changes in as little as 30 seconds. Integrated toolcarriers lift parallel from the ground to maximum height. The new product line sports sleek new styling that improves productivity through greater operator visibility. The new models are also more versatile, perform better and more efficiently, are easier to service and are more comfortable. Since Caterpillar serves customers with different requirements in all regions of the world, Caterpillar builds many different configurations of wheel loaders. Kelly Tractor Co. can help you choose the wheel loader that best matches your application.
Wheel Loaders
ModelHPKwWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)Bucket Capacity (yd³)Bucket Capacity (m³) 
904B52399,8104,4500.780.6Spec Sheet
906685110,9124,9601.050.8Spec Sheet
908765713,2886,0401.311.0Spec Sheet
914G957117,5307,9501.57-1.831.2-1.4Spec Sheet
924G1299624,99011,3402.2-3.61.7-2.8Spec Sheet
924Gz1299623,92010,8502.2-2.71.7-2.1Spec Sheet
928Gz14310727,14012,3102.6-3.02.0-2.3Spec Sheet
930G14911128,72513,0292.6-6.52.1-5.0Spec Sheet
938G Series II18013429,65713,4523.0-4.02.3-3.0Spec Sheet
950H21616140,43518,3383.25-4.52.5-3.5Spec Sheet
962H23017242,70019,3653.50-5.02.7-3.8Spec Sheet
966H28321152,25423,6984.5-5.53.4-4.2Spec Sheet
972H30822955,45125,1485.0-6.03.8-4.6Spec Sheet
980H35126169,17131,3705.0-8.03.8-6.1Spec Sheet
988H475354109,24949,5468.2-10.06.3-7.0Spec Sheet
990H627468172,27077,84211.0-12.08.4-9.2Spec Sheet
992G800597209,27894,92715.0-16.011.5-12.3Spec Sheet
994F1,5771,176430,858195,43418.5-42.014.0-32.0Spec Sheet
Waste Handling Arrangements
ModelHPKwWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)Bucket Capacity (yd³)Bucket Capacity (m³)
924G HL Hook-On WHA1299629,48013,3722.2-3.61.7-2.8
924G Hook-On WHA1299629,24413,2652.2-3.61.7-2.8
924Gz WHA1299627,69912,5642.2-2.71.7-2.1
928Gz WHA14310730,94414,0362.6-3.02.0-2.3
930G HL Hook-On WHA14911135,19915,9662.6-6.52.1-5.0
930G Hook-On WHA14911134,88015,8212.6-6.52.1-5.0
938G Series II WHA18013431,11314,1135.54.21
950H WHA19714742,36519,2136.755.20
962H WHA23017244,69320,2696.755.20
966H WHA28321153,44324,2378.56.5
972H WHA30722957,44226,0518.56.5
980H WHA31823769,67631,59914.511.1
IT38G Series II WHA18013432,15614,5832.75-3.52.2-2.8
IT62H WHA23017240,43518,3383.25-4.52.5-3.5