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Kelly Tractor

Service Capabilities

Scheduled Oil Sampling/Fluid Analysis

Keep Your Equipment Operating At Peak Performance

Kelly Tractor S.O.S Services program is a valuable management tool that can maximize equipment life and productivity, and minimize operating costs and downtime. S.O.S Services combined with regular inspections, analysis of your equipment’s condition, electronic data, and service history will enable you to evaluate your equipment’s health. Cat equipment’s are built to deliver the highest possible performance throughout their production life. S.O.S Services can help you maintain the performance through your equipment’s life cycle.


The S.O.S oil analysis tests have been developed by Caterpillar to evaluate the condition of your engines and machines, rather than the condition of the oil alone. Kelly Tractor Fluids Lab technicians monitor and provide detailed evaluations for oil and coolant for all types of equipment and industries including construction, mining/quarries, aviation, municipalities, marine, personal vehicles, and many more.

Five types of oil analysis are performed:

  • Wear Rate analysis detects metal particles caused by component wear
  • Oil Condition analysis detects soot, oxidation, nitration products and sulfur products/acids
  • Oil Cleanliness analysis identify non-metallic particles in the oil
  • Fluid Contaminants such as glycol (coolant), water, salt water and fuel
  • Additional Tests such as TAN and TBN

Microscopic Analysis


Inadequate cooling system maintenance can eventually lead to system problems or even engine failure. Kelly Tractor Fluids Lab offer a two-level Coolant program to determine if your coolant has the right chemical balance for maximum system protection and cooling efficiency. Our lab performs level 1 coolant analysis, level 2 coolant analysis is sent to the Cat Peoria Lab (wear metal and water quality analysis).

Four types of level 1 coolant analysis are performed:

  • Coolant Type we use label information and color to determine type of coolant
  • Boil and Freeze Protection use percent glycol, boiling point and freezing point to monitor the ability of the coolant to provide adequate protection
  • Coolant Condition test for pH, conductivity, nitrite, physical inspection
  • Coolant Contamination test for foam, ammonia, oil or fuel presence

Fluid Analysis


Maintaining the fuel system for your equipment isn’t difficult, however, performance and engine health can be affected if not done properly. Contaminants into the system could cause wear/corrosion, and may change the science of how the fuel system is designed to work, eventually degrading the engine’s performance. Kelly Tractor Fluids Lab offers the following two types of fuel analysis tests.

Two types of fuel analysis are performed:

  • Wear Metals (oil contamination)
  • Microbial Detection (aerobic, yeast/mold bacteria)


Kelly Tractor Fluids Lab allows you to test all oils and have results and recommendation available within 24 hours of receipt. Coolant results and recommendations are available within 72 hours of receipt.

To learn more, download the PDFs below:

For more information on our scheduled oil sample and fluid analysis services:

Please contact Luis Pereira at 305-592-5360

Or e-mail: Luis_Pereira@kellytractor.com